Customized Project
Wrapping Paper

Savage X Fenty

Los Angeles, CA
Nov 29, 2023
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Savage X Fenty Event

Redefining the art of gift wrapping with custom wrapping paper.

Personalized Gift Wrapping
Guests using the mobile customization app to design their wrapping paper.
Custom-designed wrapping paper being printed with influencer's images.
Influencers gathering at the glamorous Savage X Fenty holiday party.

The Lowdown

In the glitz and glam of the holiday season, the Savage x Fenty holiday party unfolded as a star-studded extravaganza. Guests of this exclusive event were some of the top social media influencers, trendsetters of the digital realm, coming together for an event that would redefine festive chic.

Our live customization team, riding the wave of innovation, joined forces with Savage x Fenty to create an experience that would leave attendees awestruck—custom wrapping paper, the epitome of personalized gifting extravagance.

The scene was set: influencers, each a powerhouse in their own right, stepping into a world where creativity knew no bounds. Armed with our mobile customization app, guests embarked on a journey to turn their chosen images into more than just photos; they became the essence of bespoke holiday magic.

With a few taps, uploads, and smiles, the images took on a life of their own, embedded into templates custom-designed by our team. And then, the pièce de résistance—the high-quality printers, the artisans of this digital tapestry, brought these images to life on sheets of paper. But not just any paper—custom wrapping paper, each a unique masterpiece.

As guests laid eyes on their personalized creations, the air buzzed with excitement. It wasn’t just wrapping paper; it was a piece of their essence, ready to adorn and elevate the act of gifting. The Savage x Fenty holiday party became not just an event but a showcase of how customization could transform even the simplest traditions into moments of sheer delight.