Snickers @ VidCon

Anaheim, CA
Jun 19, 2015
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live merch costumization

Custom Snickers shirts for the hungry crowd at VidCon.

The Lowdown

Amidst the electric buzz of VidCon, Snickers and Family Industries concocted a feast of creativity and customizability that tantalized the senses. An interactive arena was forged, where attendees brewed their imaginative prowess into crafting unique, personalized tees, dripping with originality. Unleashing a world where each stroke, each color, each design echoed a symphony of personal expression, attendees basked in the chocolaty warmth of brand immersion, leaving an indelible print of satisfaction and marvel. In a space where hunger for innovation was both celebrated and satiated, Snickers and Family Industries turned the ordinary into the extraordinary, proving that in the world of creativity, there’s no need to wait!