Laser Engraving

White Claw at Sundance

Park City, UT
Jan 20, 2024
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White Claw at Sundance Event

Turning soundwaves into winter-ready fashion.

White Claw Custom Merch at Sundance
Personalized beanie at sundance Festival
Personalized Festival Merchandise
Sundance attendees sporting custom beanies featuring their own voice wave designs.

The Lowdown

Amidst the snowy peaks and cinematic wonders of the 2024 Sundance Film Festival, there was a place where the party met the mountain: the White Claw Shore Club. Our live customization team, in a dynamic collaboration with White Claw, turned the festival into an unforgettable experience of music, drinks, food, and the coolest custom merch on the slopes.

When they weren’t glued to the silver screen, festival-goers made their way into the White Claw Shore Club—a haven of excitement where exclusive performances from diverse musical acts collided with the thrill of free-flowing drinks and delectable bites. And then, there was us—the architects of the most exciting custom merch experience on the mountain.

Once inside, guests were met with a mind-bending opportunity—to turn their voices into fashionable art. Imagine this innovative journey: guests recording a simple sentence into our computers, unleashing a wave of creativity. From that vocal expression, our team of experts wielded their magic, translating sound into visual symphonies, and then, with the precision of wizards, laser engraved those soundwaves onto leather patches.

The result? Comfy, mountain-ready beanies adorned with the unique essence of each voice, each sentence, and each festival-goer’s story. It wasn’t just merch; it was a personalized journey etched into the very fabric of the festival. Sundance wasn’t just about movies; it was about creating tangible memories, and we were the architects of those memories.

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