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Lake Tahoe, CA
Dec 28, 2023
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Warming things up in a winter wonderland.

Northstar Winter Wonders Merch
personalized leather patches on beanie

The Lowdown

Nestled in the snowy wonderland of Lake Tahoe, the Northstar California Resort played host to a magical weekend extravaganza called “Winter Wonders.” Imagine four days of pure delight, where guests were whisked away into a world of festive fun, live beats courtesy of a resident DJ, the joy of face painting, and the jolly presence of Santa himself.

Adding an extra layer of charm to this winter wonderland, our live customization team collaborated with the Northstar California to add personal touch to the weekend. Picture this: laser-engraved leather patches that became the hallmark of an unforgettable weekend. Every guest, from the littlest snow angels to the seasoned winter sports enthusiasts, had the chance to leave their mark.

The adventure kicked off with a touch of tech-savvy enchantment. Guests, armed with tablets featuring our unique customization application, embarked on a journey of self-expression. From entering their information to choosing the perfect design for their leather patches, each decision added a layer of personal magic to their Winter Wonders experience.

The heart of the customization experience? High-quality, state-of-the-art laser engraving machines. As the snowflakes danced outside, our live team worked their magic, helping guests personalize their exclusive Northstar California leather patches. Choices abounded as guests of all ages selected their patches and decided whether they’d grace their beanies or cozy fleece gaiters. Either way, guests left with a tangible memory of their time on the mountain top.

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