Live Screen Printing
Clear bags

Bonnaroo 2023

Manchester, Tennessee
Jun 16, 2023
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Bonnaroo event customization

Bags, Beats, Bonnaroo. Another unforgettable weekend on the farm, live printing and spreading good vibes.

freshly printed tote bag with vibrant colors
Festival-goers lined up at the Bonnaroo 2023 event, excited for their custom tote bags
Bonnaroo attendee with their customized tote bag
Our team busy with live screen printing at the Toyota Music Den

The Lowdown

The energy at Bonnaroo 2023 was electric as festival-goers flocked to the Toyota Music Den to get their hands on our exclusive merch. With our live screen printing set up in tow, we teamed up with Toyota to excite the crowd with an essential festival accessory: clear tote bags.

Our masterful team of screen printing wizards set up a mesmerizing display that caught everyone’s attention. The vibrant colors, live music, and thrill of watching designs come to life before their eyes kept the line flowing all weekend long. Before we knew it, the Toyota Music Den became THE hotspot for festival goers. When you’re running around trying to catch your favorite acts, nothing beats merch that’s not only functional but stylish. With four different colorways to choose from, we ensured there was something for everyone.

Inside the Toyota Music Den, live music pumped through the barn doors, but behind our squeegees we gave people a different kind of show. It was a space where artists and fans mingled, where ideas flourished, and where memories were made. It was an honor to be a part of such an iconic festival, to collaborate with Toyota, and to witness the smiles and excitement on the faces of festival-goers as they walked away with their live printed tote bags. It was an experience that celebrated creativity, community, and the joy of self-expression—a true testament to the power of music and the magic of Bonnaroo.

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