Laser Engraving

Gold Cup 2024

San Diego, CA
Mar 9, 2024
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Gold Cup 2024 VIP Gala Event

Kicking the VIP experience up a notch with laser engraved luxury.

2024 Women's Gold Cup VIP Gala with guests exploring live customization stations
Customized Gala Souvenirs
Custom-engraved stainless steel money clips displayed at the Gold Cup 2024 Gala
Customized Gala Souvenirs

The Lowdown

In the sun-kissed city of San Diego, the 2024 Women’s Gold Cup‘s VIP Gala unfolded as a glittering celebration of sport, elegance, and team spirit. Adding an extra touch of sophistication to the evening, our live customization team was summoned to elevate the entire Gala with the mesmerizing art of live laser engraving.

As guests arrived, they were greeted with an air of excitement and anticipation, eager to partake in the bespoke experience that awaited them. Amidst the opulent setting, attendees were presented with a selection of three lavish gift items: leather passport holders, leather luggage tags, or stainless steel money clips – each offering a canvas for personalization and refinement.

With expert precision and finesse, our live team guided guests through the customization process, ensuring that their vision was brought to life with flawless execution. Each engraving became a testament to the individuality and style of its owner, adding a touch of exclusivity to the evening’s festivities.

In partnership with the 2024 Women’s Gold Cup’s VIP Gala, our live customization team added an extra layer of elegance and sophistication to an already memorable event, leaving guests with memories to cherish and personalized treasures to adorn their lives with.