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Los Angeles, CA
Aug 12, 2023
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gymshark event merch

Giving fitness enthusiasts a creative cooldown w/ custom merch.

Gymshark merchandise
LA gymshark tshirt
event goers showing off their LA gymshark tees
custom LA gymshark tees

The Lowdown

Lift:LA, hosted by athleisure powerhouse Gymshark, soared to incredible heights as a community bodybuilding extravaganza that left attendees exhilarated and inspired. The Barker Hangar in sunny Santa Monica, California, transformed into a hub of energy and fitness, hosting a myriad of activities that united fitness enthusiasts from every corner.

The event thrived on the synergy of outdoor group workouts, insightful athlete seminars, electrifying meet and greets, fierce competitions, and invigorating challenges. Amidst this dynamic atmosphere, our live team shone as a beacon of customization, offering attendees an unparalleled chance to seize unique and exclusive merchandise, expertly brought to life through live screen printing.

With our touch of creativity, attendees were able to imprint their style on everything from t-shirts and hoodies to sweatpants. The essence of individuality permeated every custom creation, a true reflection of each person’s fitness journey and passion. Attendees marveled at the bespoke merch our team crafted for them, providing a palpable, event wide atmosphere of awe and appreciation. A true testament to the dedication and innovation Family Industries brought to the event.

As the sun set on this event, the collective sentiment was one of achievement and unity, and our live team stood proudly as an integral part of this extraordinary success.

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