Live Screen Printing

Outside Lands 2023

San Francisco, CA
Aug 12, 2023
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Outside Lands merch

One stage, two on-site experiences, and lines like we’ve never seen them before.

A colorful, screen printed tote featuring bold, bright colors and unique design, a standout souvenir from Outside Lands 2023
Custom giveaways at Toyota Music Den
Custom screen printing at Toyota booth at outside lands 2023
screen printed outside lands tote

The Lowdown

Our live team was on a whole other level at Outside Lands 2023. Hidden among the giant trees of Golden Gate Park, the Toyota Music Den felt like a secret oasis for festival goers looking for great music and exciting giveaways.

For the entire weekend, not a single other activation could match the lines at the Toyota Music Den. As soon as the park opened and the sound of “Here Comes The Sun” echoed through the park, lines began to form for our screen printed totes and custom embroidered bucket hats. Though a great lineup was scheduled for all three days of the festival, fans quickly made it clear that they were there for us. Lines wrapped up the grassy hills, through the trees, and eventually made their way onto the hiking path behind the stage – causing wait times to reach 4 hours. For the entire weekend, the lengthy wait times couldn’t stop fans in their pursuit of our exclusive Outside Lands merch.

Halfway through the first day, it became clear that the Music Den would be THE place to be all weekend long. Featuring bold, bright colors and a super cool design, our tote bags were the most sought after giveaway at Outside Lands. A close second were our one-of-a-kind bucket hats, which festival goers could customize with the name or phrase of their choosing; giving people the chance to get their hands on the single most unique giveaway of Outside Lands 2023.

The creativity emanating from each corner of the Toyota Music Den made for one of the most successful and exciting weekends our live team has ever had. We couldn’t imagine a better way to celebrate 15 years of San Francisco’s premiere music festival.

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