Heat Press

Home Depot

Baltimore, MD
Mar 1, 2024
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Home Depot at CIAA Fan Fest

Bringing down the house with Home Depot at CIAA Fan Fest 2024.

attendees proudly displaying their newly customized 'HBCU Love' tote bag from Home Depot
On-site live heat press station
'HBCU Love' tote bags at CIAA Fan Fest 2024
Custom HBCU Love Tote Bags

The Lowdown

The CIAA Fan Fest 2024 took Baltimore by storm, igniting the hearts of fans with a celebration of culture, community, and camaraderie. Partnering with Home Depot, our live customization team embarked on a thrilling journey to offer attendees a unique and memorable experience: the coveted “HBCU Love” tote bags.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the event, fans lined up eagerly, their anticipation palpable as they awaited the chance to snag one of our exclusive totes. Each bag, a symbol of pride and unity, was crafted with care and expertise by our live team, using our arsenal of top-tier heat presses to bring them to life in stunning detail.

As attendees watched in awe, our team worked their magic, transforming blank canvases into vibrant expressions of love and support for historically black colleges and universities. With each press of the heat press, the tote bags took on a new life, becoming cherished mementos that fans would carry with them long after the event had ended.

In the spirit of collaboration and innovation, Home Depot and our live customization team came together to offer a truly unforgettable experience at the CIAA Fan Fest 2024, leaving attendees with memories to treasure and tote bags to flaunt with pride.

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