Live Screen Printing

Maui & Sons x Blenders

Santa Monica, CA
Mar 16, 2024
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Maui & Sons x Blenders Event

Serving up live printed tees alongside two of Pro Volleyball's biggest brands.

Exclusive Beach Volleyball Tees
Live screen printing in action at the Maui & Sons x Blenders event
custom Blenders Beach Volleyball tshirt
Maui & Sons x Blenders tees

The Lowdown

Right off the beach and onto the sun-drenched streets of Santa Monica, California, excitement reached a crescendo as the launch party for Professional Beach Volleyball‘s 2024 season took center stage at the vibrant Blenders storefront. In a collaboration that epitomized the spirit of surf culture and innovation, Maui and Sons, alongside sunglass trailblazer Blenders, came together to herald the start of a thrilling new chapter in beach volleyball.

Adding a dash of originality and creative flair to the festivities, our live customization team was enlisted to offer guests an exclusive opportunity: the chance to snag an exclusive, one-of-a-kind, live-printed tee. As the first 100 guests eagerly made their way into the event, anticipation hung in the air like a gentle sea breeze, mingling with the vibrant energy of the occasion.

With a choice of four offbeat designs in two vibrant colorways, guests watched in awe while our team brought their chosen designs to life through the mesmerizing art of live screen printing. The sight of neon pink and teal blue melding seamlessly onto soft cotton tees captivated the senses, leaving attendees awestruck by the magic unfolding before their eyes.

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