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Major League Pickleball – Dallas

Dallas, TX
Nov 4, 2023
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Major League Pickleball

Pickleball Palooza: Toyota Serves Up Retro Threads!

Major League Pickleball Custom Gear
pickle ball custom merch event
Personalized Athletic Accessories at Pickleball Event
pickle ball dallas event

The Lowdown

In the bustling heart of Dallas, TX, the Major League Pickleball event, powered by Toyota, became an epicenter of retro flair and spirited fun. The event was a unique fusion of athletic zeal and throwback fashion, as attendees vibed with pickleball’s infectious energy, decked out in custom gear courtesy of our live embroidery magic.

Our activation was a groovy throwback with a modern twist, where custom sweatbands, headbands, and fannypacks got a personalized touch. Each piece was a canvas, dancing with colors and designs that screamed ’70s cool, perfectly mirroring the lively spirit of the pickleball enthusiasts.

With every stitch, we embroidered not just fabric, but also memories, encapsulating the essence of a super fun crowd united by their love for the game. Toyota’s vision of blending sport with style was realized in full swing, creating an atmosphere where every serve and volley was matched with an equally vibrant and personalized fashion statement. This was pickleball like never before – a symphony of nostalgia, excitement, and Toyota’s innovative spirit!

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