Fanny packs

Major League Pickleball

Atlanta, GA
Sep 23, 2023
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Major League Pickleball Personalization

Toyota Prius Drives the On-Site Merch Customization Game to Deuce-Crazy Heights!

Customized sports accessories at Major League Pickleball
Major League Pickleball custom bag
Close-up of colorful, custom headbands and bags
Toyota Prius signage at the event, symbolizing the intersection of sportsmanship and unique style in Major League Pickleball

The Lowdown

When the play got pickly at Major League Pickleball, Toyota Prius teamed up with us to add a volley of vibrance, unleashing a whirlwind of personalized style that danced through the courts. Atlanta’s energy soared with smashes and spins, but amidst the athletic symphony, our white label customization app harmonized the sport’s spirit with sartorial sass.

Our arena? An effervescent playground where headbands, wristbands, and fanny packs transformed into canvases of personality. Each swing, each serve, each electrifying moment was echoed in the swirls of creativity as fans and players aced their looks, serving personality in every stitch and style.

Engineered by the magnificent minds at Reach, the event was no less than a grand slam of happiness and high-fives. The crowd, supercharged with fun, mirrored the essence of the world’s fastest-growing sport, making the ambiance as dynamic and delightful as the game itself.

In the heart-pounding matches, where every shot was a spectacle, our personalized accessories became the silent cheerleaders, narrating tales of individuality and passion. At each corner, Toyota Prius’s vision flourished, driving the event towards an intersection of unforgettable sportsmanship and unique style.

In the heart of Atlanta, Major League Pickleball wasn’t just an event; it was a festival where the love for the game married the charm of customization, leaving behind memories as cherished as a perfectly played pickleball championship!