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MLS x Adidas

Dec 4, 2022
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MLS Youth event custom ball

Scoring Goals with Personalized Jerseys & Soccer Balls

MLS custom ball
MLS custom soccer ball
MLS Youth event
MLS youth event custom soccer ball

The Lowdown

In 2022, Adidas collaborated with the MLS Youth Soccer Event, hosting activations in both New York and Los Angeles. The objective was to create a memorable experience for young soccer enthusiasts by offering them the chance to customize their jerseys and soccer balls through our live heat press experience.

Youth soccer players and fans were thrilled by the opportunity to add a personal touch to their jerseys and soccer balls. With our live heat press activation, attendees could express their creativity and passion for the sport by personalizing these items with their names, numbers, or favorite designs.

The atmosphere at the event was energetic and lively as soccer fans of all ages gathered to enjoy the unique customization experience. By bringing together soccer lovers and giving them the chance to create something special, Adidas left a lasting impression on the attendees.

In conclusion, the MLS Youth Soccer Event, in partnership with Adidas, was a hit among the young soccer fans. The live heat press experience allowed them to personalize their jerseys and soccer balls, making their connection to the sport even stronger. The event was a fantastic showcase of the power of customization in fostering engagement and excitement among fans.