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Washington, DC
Nov 2, 2023
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PacBio Custom Bucket Hats

Stitching Style and Science at PacBio's Employee Bash in DC

Personalized Hat Creation at Employee Event
Excited PacBio employees at the event sporting unique custom patch bucket hats.
PacBio Custom Bucket Hats
Macklemore performing live on stage, with the audience showcasing their personalized bucket hats in the crowd

The Lowdown

Washington DC was buzzing with more than just policy talk when PacBio threw an unforgettable employee event headlined by none other than Macklemore! Bringing the rhythm of the music and the science of innovation under one roof, we made sure everyone had a hat in the ring – literally – with our custom patch bucket hats.

Our activation was all about creativity from the get-go. We crafted double-sided bucket hats, a blank canvas for every attendee’s imagination. With a variety of patches to choose from, everyone had the chance to express their style, designing hats that were as unique as their DNA sequencing technology!

As Macklemore laid down the beats, the energy was infectious. Employees lined up to pick, mix, and match their patches, placing them with precision on their hats. It was a scene of vibrant engagement, where fashion met fun, and hats turned into personalized pieces of art.

PacBio’s event wasn’t just a party; it was a celebration of individuality, innovation, and unity. And in the midst of the electric atmosphere, our custom bucket hats stood out as a symbol of the creativity and spirit that makes PacBio a trailblazer in its field.

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