Laser Engraving

P.F. Flyers

Palm Springs, CA
Apr 13, 2024
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P.F. Flyers custom sneakers event

Taking a classic shoe brand into the 21st century with innovative, awe-inspiring customization.

A pair of P.F. Flyers being heat-pressed with a unique design patch at Revolve Festival.
P.F. Flyers custom sneakers
personalized footwear
Booth for personalized metal shoe tags for P.F. Flyers sneakers

The Lowdown

In the sun-drenched oasis of Palm Springs, Revolve Festival emerged as the ultimate party outside of the Coachella fairgrounds, captivating attendees with its exclusive lineup and vibrant energy. This year, the legendary sneaker brand P.F. Flyers teamed up with our live customization team to elevate the experience, offering guests the chance to create personalized masterpieces that reflected their unique style and personality.

As the festivities unfolded, hundreds of eager guests flocked to our booths, each offering a distinct customization experience. At one booth, our live team guided guests through a curated selection of patches, allowing them to handpick designs that would be heat-pressed onto their new pair of P.F. Flyers sneakers. The result? A wearable work of art that showcased each person’s individual flair.

Meanwhile, at the other booth, guests marveled at the innovative process of laser engraving personalized metal shoe tags, adding an extra layer of sophistication and customization to their footwear. The sheer range of options left attendees in awe, transforming each pair of P.F. Flyers into a unique statement piece that would turn the heads of onlookers.

Amidst the music and excitement of Revolve Festival, the collaboration between P.F. Flyers and our live customization team became a highlight of the event, uniting fashion and innovation in a celebration of self-expression and creativity. As guests departed with their fully customized sneakers, they carried with them not just stylish accessories, but tangible memories of an unforgettable weekend.

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