Live Screen Printing


Venice Beach, CA
Feb 23, 2024
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Roark Store Opening Venice Beach

Celebrating a brand new store with freshly printed tees and a toast to the next adventure.

Exclusive graphic tees on display at Roark's Venice Beach store opening
live screen printing demonstration at Roark's store
exploring Roark's new store in Venice Beach amidst a lively grand opening celebration
Event attendees at Roark's new store in Venice Beach

The Lowdown

Just off the sun-kissed shores of Venice Beach, California, a wave of excitement swept through the air as Roark‘s new store opened its doors in a grand celebration of style and adventure. Nestled within the eclectic confines of their new shop, attendees reveled in the opportunity to explore Roark’s extensive collection while indulging in refreshing cocktails that tantalized the senses.

Amidst the chatter and laughter, a focal point of the festivities emerged: our live screen printing experience. A beacon of creativity and ingenuity, it offered attendees the chance to immerse themselves in the world of Roark like never before. With exclusive graphic tees adorning the racks, featuring designs available for one night only, anticipation reached a fever pitch as eager hands reached for a piece of wearable art.

With a flourish of ink and the rhythmic swoosh of the squeegee, our live printing team embarked on a spectacle that captivated all who beheld it. Each shirt became a canvas, a blank slate awaiting transformation into a testament of individuality and style. As designs came to life before their very eyes, attendees were not merely given a garment; they were treated to a mesmerizing show, a symphony of color and creativity that danced across the fabric.

As the evening unfolded, memories were etched into the fabric of time, woven into the threads of each exclusive Roark graphic tee. Amidst the backdrop of Venice Beach’s golden sands and azure waves, the grand opening of Roark’s new store became more than an event—it became a celebration of self-expression, community, and the boundless spirit of adventure.

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