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Sundance x Chase Sapphire

Park City, UT
Jan 21, 2024
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Sundance Chase Sapphire Event

Chase Sapphire Shines at Sundance: Custom Style in the Snow

Sundance Chase Sapphire Custom Accessories
Personalized Winter Gear at Sundance
merch customization
custom hats at event

The Lowdown

At the 2024 Sundance Film Festival, nestled in the heart of Sundance, UT, Chase Sapphire curated an exclusive experience for VIPs and film aficionados. Set against the backdrop of the iconic Egyptian Theater, Chase turned the spotlight on style and sophistication. Understanding the importance of both warmth and style at Sundance, Chase’s activation focused on providing personalized winter accessories. Customized beanies and hats were the stars of the show, adorned with branded patches that guests could choose to match their personal flair.

Amidst the buzz of movie premieres and celebrity sightings, VIPs and film enthusiasts found a unique way to express themselves. The process of selecting and customizing their beanies and hats added a personal touch to their festival experience. Each branded patch, carefully chosen and applied, transformed a simple accessory into a statement piece.

Chase’s thoughtful activation not only provided warmth but also sparked conversations, serving as an icebreaker among the festival’s elite. The beanies and hats, with their stylish customizations, became more than just winter wear; they were souvenirs of an unforgettable experience at one of the film industry’s most celebrated events.

Chase’s presence at Sundance through this activation reinforced their brand image as one that values exclusivity, style, and customer engagement. The customized beanies and hats were not just giveaways but symbols of the Chase Sapphire experience – elite, personalized, and memorable. This perfectly exemplified how a simple idea, when executed with thought and style, can leave a lasting impression on an exclusive audience.