The Simpsons

Los Angeles, CA
Sep 25, 2019
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Simpsons license plate customization

Sublimation in Springfield.

Simpsons 31st season celebration
Freshly customized official Simpsons license plate showcasing iconic characters
Custom merch printing at Simpsons Universal Studios
Customized license plates for The Simpsons event at Universal Studios

The Lowdown

The longest running American sitcom celebrated their landmark 31st season at Universal Studios Hollywood, and we were there to get people excited for another trip to Springfield.

With our mobile customization app in hand, we posted up outside the Springfield DMV to give party goers something unique to remember such an exciting milestone. Guests let their imaginations run wild as they customized their official Simpsons license plate, with a plethora of Simpsons-centric designs to chose from.

Attendees went from customizing their license plates in our mobile app to holding it in their hands within mere seconds. It’s a high bar to wow people that are celebrating such a major moment in television history, but our unique spin on on-site customization had guests truly jaw-dropped.