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VMX Orlando – Ethos

Orlando, FL
Jan 15, 2024
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ETHOS VMX Orlando 2024 Event

Crafting unique gifts for fur babies of all shapes, sizes, and species.

Custom Pet ID Badges at VMX Orlando
Personalized Veterinary Keepsakes
Close-up of a laser engraving machine etching names onto pet ID badges
Event attendee showcasing personalized pet ID

The Lowdown

In the heart of the sunshine state, Orlando, Florida, VMX 2024 unfolded as a vibrant celebration of the pet care community. Amidst a sea of white coats and wagging tails, our live customization crew brought an extra touch of excitement to this annual, traveling veterinary conference.

A unique partnership emerged as our crew joined forces with the esteemed veterinary hospital group, Ethos. Their booth became a hotspot of creativity, a place where veterinarians and pet lovers alike could turn their love for their fluffy buddies into a tangible, personalized keepsake. Attendees had the exclusive chance to craft custom ID badges for their beloved pets.

Pet parents eagerly waited to type in the names of their furry companions into our innovative customization app… but that was just the beginning.

From the moment guests submitted their design, our laser engraving machines took center stage, transforming their digital input into a physical manifestation. Attendees watched in awe as their pet’s identity came to life in the form of bespoke ID badges. It wasn’t just about creating badges; it was about immortalizing the essence of each furball in a beautiful, fun way.

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