Scottsdale, AZ
Apr 22, 2024
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Chick-Fil-A Event

Rolling out the RED carpet with beautiful custom tote bags.

personalized Chick-Fil-A bags
Live tote bag customization station
Chick-Fil-A custom patches for tote bags
Our live customization embroidery machines to add names to Chick-Fil-A canvas tote bags

The Lowdown

In the heart of sunny Scottsdale, Chick-Fil-A rolled out the RED carpet for their esteemed franchisees, treating them to a truly unforgettable experience. Chick-Fil-A’s brightest minds, ready to soak in the warmth and stunning landscapes of Arizona, gathered together to help push their brand forward into the future.

Our live customization team were invited out to add some custom flair to the festivities. Armed with heat presses and embroidery machines, the team worked their magic to create something unique for each attendee. Every attendee was in for a treat—a custom canvas tote bag unlike any other.

As each franchisee stepped up, our team swung into action, crafting personalized masterpieces. Names were stitched with care, adding a touch of individuality… but that’s not all. Behold the custom patches—Arizona-themed wonders that captured the spirit of the desert. From cacti to sunsets, each patch was a work of art designed exclusively for this gathering.

The excitement was palpable, the energy contagious. Franchisees marveled at their unique gifts, a tangible symbol of their partnership with Chick-Fil-A and the spirit of Arizona.

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