Live Screen Printing


Greenville, South Carolina
Sep 23, 2023
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Euphoria Food Festival Customization

Aprons à la Mode: Lexus Stirring Up Creativity at the Euphoria Food Festival

Happy guests flaunting their newly customized aprons
Live screen-printed aprons at Euphoria
high-quality aprons featuring unique designs chosen by festival-goers
Lexus signage at the event, symbolizing the synergy between culinary sophistication and artistic customization

The Lowdown

When the tantalizing aromas of the Euphoria Food Festival began wafting through Greenville, South Carolina, Lexus and Team One USA were there to spice things up with a dash of creativity. As the happy, hungry crowd converged in celebration of culinary delights, we served a main course of live screen printing, turning ordinary aprons into extraordinary canvases of self-expression.

Our station became a hotspot, cooking up customized aprons that were as unique as every delicious dish at the festival. Guests brought their tastes to the table, choosing designs that reflected their personal style, and watched as our team masterfully brought their visions to life on vibrant, top-quality aprons.

Surrounded by a feast of flavors and a community of food lovers, Lexus’s presence simmered with sophistication and innovation. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement and appreciation for the art of food and the joy of customization, making the Euphoria Food Festival an unforgettable gathering of taste and talent.

In a place where every ingredient mattered, our live screen printing activation blended perfectly, enhancing the festival’s vibe, leaving attendees with not just satisfied palates, but also with bespoke aprons that captured the spirit and joy of this epicurean extravaganza. 🍽 🎨