Live Screen Printing

Lakers x Bibigo

Los Angeles, CA
Jan 19, 2024
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Lakers x Bibigo Event

Live Screen Printing at the Lake Show.

Lakers Custom T-Shirt Printing
Bibigo Lakers Merch Customization
Lakers x Bibigo pop-up live screen printing at LA Live
screen-printing Lakers designs on T-shirt

The Lowdown

Under the dazzling lights of LA Live, just outside the iconic Arena, something extraordinary unfolded. Korean frozen food sensation Bibigo orchestrated a pop-up that set the town abuzz, and our live customization team was there to turn -the excitement up to eleven.

Picture this: a bustling crowd, the energy electric with anticipation, all against the backdrop of the Lakers/Nets game. Bibigo brought their delicious A-game, so we made sure to match their energy. Together, we transformed the pop-up into a haven of Lakers fandom, adding an extra layer of thrill with live screen-printed T-shirts.

Behind the scenes, our live customization team wielded the best printing presses in the game, ready to turn Lakers enthusiasts into walking canvases of team spirit. The Lakers crowd wasn’t just getting T-shirts; they were getting a courtside seat to a live printing spectacle.

With multiple Lakers-inspired designs to choose from, fans became the designers of their brand-new Lakers swag. It wasn’t just about the logo; it was about crafting a piece of the Lakers legacy to wear proudly before tipoff. The air was thick with excitement as each shirt emerged from the press—a tangible piece of Lakers magic.

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