Screen Printing

Licensing Expo 2022

Las Vegas, NV
May 21, 2022
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Licensing Expo Customization

Transporting the Licensing Expo into a colorful Universe of entertainment.

Jurassic Park screen printed tote
Minions pet rock
screen printed Universal Studios themed totes
Excited attendee holding their new Minions pet rock

The Lowdown

The 2022 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas was an enormous success. United alongside entertainment powerhouse Universal Studios, we delivered not one but TWO unforgettable experiences that had attendees buzzing.

Our first offering was a lineup of beautifully screen printed totes featuring Universal’s iconic films, including classics like E.T., Jurassic Park, Shrek, Back to the Future, and Frankenstein. The attendees couldn’t contain their excitement, thrilled to have such a wide array of fun choices to pick from.

But that’s not all – our live team had something even more extraordinary in store for the Minions fans! We brought back the pet rock, and it took the whole event by storm. With unique branding that featured everyone’s favorite wacky yellow sidekicks, The Minions, the entire conference found themselves flocking to our booth to get their hands on a pet rock.

Working with a legendary brand like Universal Studios was an absolute honor. Providing special experiences for people around the world is our greatest passion, and the Licensing Expo is the perfect canvas to create them.