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MLS x Lexus

Charlotte, NC
May 6, 2023
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MLS Custom Soccer Scarves

Kick It Up A Notch: Custom Scarves at Charlotte FC

MLS custom scarves
MLS x Family Industries custom scarves
Crowd of soccer fans showing off their unique custom Lexus soccer scarves
Fans showing custom MLS scarves

The Lowdown

May 2023 was a month of heightened excitement in Charlotte, North Carolina, as the love for soccer collided with the allure of luxury. Charlotte FC, Lexus, and Team One, together with Family Industries, took to the pitch to deliver a live sublimation experience like no other.

As the stadium buzzed with the energy of the match, we lit up a different corner with our custom design platform. Lexus, the epitome of opulence, made their presence known in this field of passion with a unique offering – custom soccer scarves.

The crowd, donned in team colors, made their way to our interactive station. Our state-of-the-art software gave each fan the freedom to design their own scarf, adding a personal touch to their game day ensemble. As they watched their ideas come to life through sublimation, the excitement was palpable.

From die-hard fans to casual onlookers, everyone wanted a piece of this vibrant spectacle. It was more than just about creating custom scarves; it was about forging a connection, intertwining the worlds of soccer, style, and Lexus.

In partnership with Team One and Lexus, we turned a Charlotte FC match into a memorable fusion of sports, fashion, and fan engagement. This creative play left a lasting mark on attendees, tying them closer to the Lexus brand long after the final whistle.

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