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Pluto TV

Los Angeles, CA
Apr 4, 2024
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Pluto TV 10th Anniversary event

Celebrating couch potatoes of all shapes and sizes with custom Comfys for Pluto TV's 10th Anniversary celebration.

Custom Pluto TV event merchandise
Guests at Pluto TV's 10th Anniversary celebration at SoFi Stadium

The Lowdown

The Dazzling lights and boundless energy of SoFi Stadium played host to the 10th Anniversary celebration of Pluto TV, a jubilant homage to a decade of innovation and entertainment. Hundreds of guests descended upon the venue, their spirits lifted by the vibrant atmosphere and creative giveaways that awaited them.

As guests mingled their way through the party, our live customization team took center stage – offering guests the opportunity to create custom Comfys, a fitting tribute to the couch-friendly ethos of Pluto TV. With a lineup of stylish custom Pluto TV patches at their disposal, guests embarked on a journey of creativity and self-expression.

Guests’ inner couch potato reveled in the chance to design their own Comfys, each patch a symbol of their unique connection to Pluto TV and its budding legacy. As our team wielded heat presses with expert precision, the air filled with anticipation and delight, culminating in the transformation of each Comfy into the ultimate homebody outfit.