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Baltimore, MD
Mar 1, 2024
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CIAA Fan Fest 2024 Wendy's Merch

Crafting delicious, custom merch for fans of all sizes at CIAA Fan Fest 2024.

Wendy's Custom Merch
Personalized Fan Gear
live customization team using heat presses to personalize Wendy's hoodies and hats
Happy fan wearing a Wendy's customized bucket hat

The Lowdown

CIAA Fan Fest 2024 erupted into a whirlwind of excitement and fervor, drawing fans from far and wide to revel in the celebration of sports, community, and camaraderie. Partnering with fast food giant Wendy’s, our live customization team added an extra layer of excitement to the festivities, offering fans the chance to indulge in exclusive, totally customizable merch.

As soon as the doors opened, fans flocked to the Wendy’s booth, eager to get their hands on these coveted treasures. With the expertise of seasoned artisans and the best heat presses in the business, our live customization team brought fans’ visions to life, crafting personalized bucket hats adorned with exclusive patches designed just for the occasion.

But the excitement didn’t end there. Attendees also had the opportunity to snag one of our beautifully designed Wendy’s hoodies, each a testament to the spirit of the event and the shared love for good food and great company. The atmosphere inside the Wendy’s booth was filled with joy and celebration that reverberated throughout the convention hall.