Live Screenprinting

Bring the live screen printing experience anywhere, anytime.

Leave an impression
as permanent as ink

Lasting impact
Lasting impact

What matters most is the finished product. Between our experienced design team and the world of apparel options we offer, your brand is guaranteed to leave an impact.


Immersing guests in the screen printing process is one of the most exciting experiences out there. From the pick of design to the warm touch of newly printed apparel, there’s simply nothing like it.

Brand on the brain
Brand on the brain

Making your brand the star of the show is what we do best. Whether it’s the look of your merch or your overall vibe, our well seasoned team know how to stand out.

A real crowd pleaser.

LIVE SCREEN PRINTING doesn't just catch the eye – it captivates, and Family Industries brings this show-stopping experience to life. With boundless creativity and unmatched on-site brand ambassadorship, we ensure your event buzz echoes long after the last print dries. Ready to turn heads and leave a lasting impression? Let's do this!

No Lines
Just Good Times

We know that each event is as unique as the people attending it, and that\'s why we\'ve crafted a versatile range of screen printing setups to accommodate any occasion. From intimate backyard gatherings to star-studded movie premieres, our flexible approach ensures an unforgettable experience tailored to your event\'s specific needs. Let\'s make magic together!

Print Pros
With a Passion

Our dynamic team brings both expertise and enthusiasm to every event, blending their skills as professional brand ambassadors and accomplished screen printers. Armed with a plan and squeegees in hand, we\'re all about efficiency and timeliness, ensuring guests receive their customized goods with a warm, friendly smile. We thrive on making every experience unforgettable!

Your Style

Our white label screen printing rigs are designed to blend seamlessly with your event\'s branding. We understand the power of on-site messaging and branding, which is why we always tailor our setups to put your event in the spotlight.

Reach Out!

Have questions about what we do or how we do it? Looking to book on-site customization at your event? Call us to speak to one of our on-site customization experts today.

What people are saying What people are saying 

THE FAMILY INDUSTRIES team was incredibly easy and amazing to work with. It was a seamless experience from set up and logistics, to the actual music festival itself. Time and time again, they went above and beyond to help create a memorable brand experience for the atendees and help make our event a success.

— Kristin Sheff, Marketing Manager, Lyft

Love working with THE FAMILY INDUSTRIES team. From the initial meetings to the execution, they make the process seamless no matter the circumstance. They are never afraid of a challenge and always create the best products. They are my go to vendor when it comes to LIVE SCREEN PRINTING and do not plan on changing that!

— Ashleigh Cecil, Discovery